andriven internet services | Friday, 27 November 2020
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Web Developer News
Fri, 27 Nov 2020 09:19

Hosting Plans Officially Available   PDF  Print  E-mail 
We are now officially offering hosting plans. Our current emphasis is offering a reliable and fast solution to experienced customers. If you are looking for "newbie" support at a below-market price, we would recommend that you look elsewhere. There are many hosts with unrealistic prices willing to take your money (who will likely be gone in several months). We do offer an excellent solution to someone who knows what they are doing and wants a server that will always be fast and available (we regularly go months between reboots....only for security patches). We would also recommend our service to other webhosts who need a remote server for their support site in case their main server goes down.

Space, transfer and cost:
  • 100 MB/1 GB - $7/month
  • 200 MB/2 GB - $12/month
  • 400 MB/4 GB - $20/month

To learn more about the standard features offered with each hosting plan (standard unlimited cPanel, nightly rsync backup at request, free Mambo installation, please see Hosting @ Andriven.