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andriven internet services | Monday, 24 June 2019
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Mon, 24 Jun 2019 23:12

Saving an Entry as a Draft   PDF  Print  E-mail 
When you make a new entry to your online newsletter, you can set the entry to one of two modes -- draft or publish. When editing an entry or making a new entry, you will see a "Post Status" section with a menu to choose between the two.

If you don't specifically make a choice, your entry will be set to "Publish" which will make it visible on your online newsletter when you finish writing your new post or make changes to an existing post. However, if you set the "Post Status" to draft, your entry will be saved in the administrative control panel of your newsletter but will not be viewable by everyone reading your online newsletter.

In short, "Publish" lets other people see your entries. "Draft" means that only you can see them in the administrative control panel.

Now, when might this ability to be useful? Suppose that you....
  1. made an entry to your newsletter but later realized that you don't want people to see it (or that people shouldn't see it yet). Rather than deleting the entry, you can set the "Post Status" to "Draft" from "Publish". You'll still be able to see the entry but no one else will.
  2. only have a short amount of time to type up an entry and don't quite finish it. You can save the entry as a "Draft", come back later to finish it and then "Publish" it.
  3. have an idea for a newsletter entry but don't have time to type it up. You can make a new entry, type a short phrase in it describing the idea and save the entry as a "draft". You can then come back later and write the entry.
Also, when changing an entry from "Draft" to "Publish", it is usually a good idea to change the time of the entry to reflect the time that you "published" the entry rather than the time when you created the entry and saved it as draft. There are instructions for changing an entry's time here.