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andriven internet services | Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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Tue, 15 Oct 2019 22:26

Using Scripture References   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Thanks to a plugin to the online newsletter (weblog) software called Scripturizer whenever you type a Scripture reference in your online newsletter it becomes a link to that specific verse.

In theory, it's quite simple. Type a full Bible reference and and the reference turns into a link to the actual verse at http://biblegateway.com

For instance, you can link to an entire chapter (Genesis 1), a specific verse (John 3:16) or even a passage (Matthew 5:1-24). The only guideline to follow is to type the full name of the book rather than using abbreviations.

Thanks to Dean for making this plugin available.Note: use of the Scripturizer plugin does not imply any endorsement or knowledge of http://biblegateway.com. However, their providing the Bible online in a linkable fashion is greatly appreciated. For another online Bible with full Strong's content provided, please see the Linked Word project.